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Lonesome Shack

Genre: Blues , Country Rock

  1. Wednesday, September 10 8:30 PM (21+)

“More Primitive” finds Seattle’s Lonesome Shack exploring the depths of boogie and country blues. The trio’s sound is raw and immediate with finger-picked guitar lines, soulful crooning and big danceable grooves. Ben Todd’s introspective lyrics take the American blues tradition to a new level, examining personal history, loss of friends, and a burning desire to get to the primitive core of life.

The band began in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness where Ben Todd hunkered down in the shack he built and studied the music of the American folk and blues lineage. In 2008 Todd joined up with drummer Kristian Garrard in Seattle, and in 2011 bassist Luke Bergman became the third member.

Lushy w/ Gigantor

Genre: Jazz , Pop , Ska , Surf Music

  1. Saturday, August 16 9:00 PM (21+)

It’s Cal Tjader meets Stereolab meets Brazil 66 in a bar in Berlin. Drink up people–it’s LUSHY! Bossa beat flavored alterna-pop that goes down nice and easy. Lounge-y and danceable with hints of exotica and a touch of electronica…nutty and hip…intriguing and soothing–must see live!

Lushy concocts a refreshing pop style that blends original samples and Bossa beats with elements of vintage-Latin jazz, exotica, surf, new wave and sixties pop  to create their own distinctive intercontinental sound. Most importantly, they have established a solid reputation for originality far beyond their roots in the lounge and exotica scene. What started as a lighthearted recording session among friends has now turned into a lasting and successful project. In the basement tiki den, with fully stocked cocktail bar, that is their studio, Lushy was formed and began compiling an extensive catalog of original songs. With an internationally distributed CD on Dionysus Records and scores of successful gigs from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles to Berlin,  Lushy has steadily risen through the ranks of Seattle’s musical landscape. Led by the powerful and dynamic vocalist Annabella Kirby, musical mastermind Andy Sodt, and guitar wizard Matt Nims, Lushy holds sway over every stage they inhabit.  If you like the Brazilian Girls, B-52′s, Portishead, Os Mutantes, Pink Martini, Astrud Gilberto and Martin Denny you’ll love Lushy! No matter what the comparison, Lushy is simply extraordinary.

Band Members

Andy Sodt-saxophones, keyboards, flute, melodica, pianorgani, uke, cocktail kit.

Annabella Kirby-vocals, clarinet.

Matt Nims- bass/guitar

Patrick Napper- guitar/trumpet

Shane Peck- drums

Led by Lynval Golding of the legendary 2 tone band The Specials, Gigantor plays dancey, sunny old school ska and rock steady.....Seattle style!

The rocking horns and rhythms of Gigantor waft a bit of Jamaican breeze into the rainy, chilly clime of Seattle. Impeccably dressed Gigantor disregard the hissing of grungy bounders and deliver a hefty helping of Saucy Brit beat. Seattle scenesters will recognize longtime, familiar fixtures on the stand, such as Saxophonist Andrew Sodt, currently of Lushy and formerly of Tiny Hat orchestra and his counterpart on the trumpet, from Rat City Brass and Tiny Hat Orchestra, Mark Bentz. The keyboards are deftly handled by Don Kenoyer (Lushy, Tiny Hat orchestra). and no caravan of Rockers would be full-length without a trombone, and boneman Zach Davies fills the two toned shoes of this role, while bassist Matt Nims, also in Lushy and Tiny Hat orchestra and drummer Mike Daugherty (Ray Skjelbred and Glenn Crytzer's Syncopators)) complete this most rude of musical aggregations.


Genre: Brazilian , Latin Jazz

  1. Wednesday, October 08 8:30 PM (21+)

Maracujá is a group of musicians dedicated to playing the spectrum of Latin music in a way true to its roots and forms. From Brasil and its Street Sambas and gentle Bossa Novas to Cuba and its African rhythms of Son, Guajira, Mambo, and Bolero.  ….and all places in between.  Music for a mood or music to move to.

Maracujá is:

Caitlin Romtvedt - vocals, sax, guitar, percussion, berimbau

Terrence Rosnagle - guitar

Dhara Goradia - upright bass

Sam Esecson - percussion

Marketa Irglova w/ Rosi Golan

Genre: Multi-Instrumentalist

  1. Tuesday, October 21 7:30 PM (All ages)

Academy Award winner Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season.

A vocalist and talented multi-instrumentalist, Markéta Irglová's musical career began with a chance meeting and a garden party. Born in 1988, the Czech musician began playing piano and guitar at a young age, and was only 13 when her parents met Glen Hansard, vocalist and guitarist for the Irish rock band the Frames. At a party hosted by Irglová's parents, Hansard heard the young girl sing the Frames song "Star Star"; the next day, Irglová was performing the song with the band on-stage. After recording a version of the track for inclusion on the Frames' live album The Breadcrumb Trail, Irglová began writing and recording her own songs while also performing with Hansard throughout the Czech Republic. In addition to performing together in the United States and Ireland, Irglová and Hansard recorded an eponymous album together under the name The Swell Season, which was released in 2006. The pair later garnered world-wide attention when they starred and performed in Once, an award-winning and critically acclaimed film directed by John Carney, a former Frames bassist. After the success of the film, Irglová and Hansard continued to write, perform, and record under the Swell Season moniker, recording another album, 2009’s Strict Joy. Irglová released her solo debut, Anar, in 2011.

Originally from Israel, Rosi Golan traveled the world before setting up shop in Brooklyn, NY.  Since then, Rosi has released 2 albums (“The Drifter & the Gypsy” & “Lead Balloon”) and an EP (“Fortuna”), with her unique blend of songs steeped in Americana, pop and thoughtful folk.

Mary McBride Band

Genre: Blues , Country , Gospel , Rock

  1. Monday, August 18 7:30 PM (All ages)

The NYC and L.A based Mary McBride Band, which has toured 22 countries in the past three years, takes its audience on a rollercoaster ride with their fiery blend of country, gospel, blues and old school rock 'n roll. THE NEW YORK TIMES writes, "McBride's voice is part angel, part truck driver, as if to say sometimes you power through sadness and sometimes you hope for a miracle." and THE WASHINGTON POST adds, "In some sort of magical kingdom, every bar you walked into would have Mary McBride performing onstage. Her rugged, force-of-nature voice unpacks the old spiritual like some distant relative of gospel legend Marion Williams." McBride is also the Founder of the Home Tour (, brings musical concerts to the homes of people who otherwise would not have regular access to live music, and highlights the unique communities where citizens live around the world.

Masters of Hawaiian Music: George Kahumoku Jr, Ledward Kaapana, “Uncle” Richard Ho‘opi‘i

Genre: Hawaiian

  1. Monday, October 06 7:30 PM (All ages)

These 3 Masters, featured regularly at the renowned “Slack Key Show®” on Maui, bring Hawai‘i’s unique folk styles, with origins in the early 19th century Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy) culture, to 21st century stages. They themselves grew up in areas so rural, without electricity, radio, or TV, that they were immersed in Hawaiian music and culture from childhood.

Four-time Grammy-winner, master slack key guitarist GEORGE KAHUMOKU JR., known as “Hawai‘i’s Renaissance Man”, is a multiple Na Hōkū Hanohano (Hawaiian Grammy) Award winner, a vocalist, storyteller, songwriter & author, teacher, sculptor, farmer, and chef.

A master of the slack key guitar and National Heritage Fellow, LEDWARD KAAPANA has been one of Hawaii's most influential musicians for four decades. His mastery of stringed instruments, his exceptional picking style on slack key guitar and ‘ukulele, and his extraordinary baritone to leo ki`eki`e (falsetto) vocal range, have made him a musical legend and earned him multiple Na Hōkū Awards.

National Heritage Fellow UNCLE RICHARD HO‘OPI‘I, renowned for ‘ukulele and leo ki`eki`e, traditional Hawaiian falsetto singing, has a unique yodeling style and delightful stage presence that immediately connects to audiences.

Matt Wertz w/ Friendly Gomez

Genre: Singer-songwriter

MATT WERTZ is excused. Yes, it has been three years since his last full-length release, but when you take his relentless touring schedule, a breakup with his major label, a new deal with Nettwerk and the trials and tribulations of life into account, the ever-so-charming singer-songwriter gets a pass. In fact, it’s these experiences that have helped shaped the inspired songs on Wertz’s new album, WEIGHTS & WINGS, and by that rationale, it was worth every bit of the wait.

All of the songs on Wertz’s new album are tied to relationships, and each track delves into what the singer has learned about himself and others during that last few years. More than ever, the reflective songwriter has his heart on his sleeve, and Weights & Wings is the very incarnation of that lifeline.

Meshell Ndegeocello

Genre: Bassist

  1. Friday, September 19 8:00 PM (All ages)

Mercurial and masterful, Meshell Ndegeocello has survived the best and worst of what a career in music has to offer. She has eschewed genre for originality, celebrity for longevity, and musicals trends for musical truths. She has lived through the boom and bust of the industry and emerged just as she entered - unequivocally herself. Fans have come to expect the unexpected from Meshell, and faithfully followed her on sojourns into soul, spoken word, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, rock, all bound by a lyrical, spiritual search for love, justice, respect, resolution, and happiness.

Groove driven, infectiously melodic and lyrically meditative, Meshell’s latest album, Comet, Come To Me, finds her returning to the same well of creativity that launched her career. Her 11th release, it is possibly a culmination of all previous work: lush, vocal, seeking, wise, collaborative, and driven by the signature bounce and precise pocket of Ndegeocello on bass. The album features special guests Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) and Doyle Bramhall, along with long-time collaborators Christopher Bruce (guitar) and Jebin Bruni (keys), and Earl Harvin on drums. Assured of her place as an authentic musical thinker and an uncompromising artist, Comet continues to discover, examine, and explore all that music has to offer her and how she can return the gift.

“Comet, Come To Me was a little labor but a lot of love. It was made with my favorite collaborators, and it felt good to channel the sounds in my mind after having Nina in residence for a while,” ” says Meshell, referencing her last album, a tribute to Nina Simone. She is especially inspired by the collaborative process that comes with making an album. “When I’m writing songs and recording the demos, I’m having my own awesome experience in my attic, or on a plane, or in a hotel room, just making my beats on my laptop. Then I get together with these people that I have an intimate musical relationship with, and we bring the songs to life.”

In addition to the thirteen new tracks on Comet, Come to Me (16 including the bonus tracks available on her website), fans of Meshell’s will no doubt be intrigued by her cover of Whodini’s “Friends”, a seminal hip-hop track originally released in 1984. Commenting on her inspiration for choosing this song, Meshell explains: “I play with a lot of people who play improvisational music and jazz, and I thought it would be fun to take something that they might think of as easy or straight-forward, and do something different with it. I also like how language is morphing, and 'friends' is such a malleable word, I don't even know what it means anymore.”

A vast array of influences have informed all of Meshell’s albums, and there are traces of her native go-go, hip hop, R&B, new wave and punk in each. Each album has been a step away from the last, each used as a chance to investigate and integrate new sounds and ideas, and fans have been treated to everything from the deep-funk of Plantation Lullabies to the raw and confessional Bitter to the melodic, lyrical Weather. Possessed with instrumental gifts as diverse as her interests, Meshell composed, arranged and produced a jazz record in 2005. Her most recent release paid homage to Nina Simone, a kindred musical spirit and among Meshell's most cherished inspirations.

In addition to her own recording, Meshell has been expanding her repertoire as a producer, producing three albums in the past year: British/Trinidadian poet and musician Anthony Joseph's new album, Time; Jason Moran's Fats Waller Tribute, All Rise: A Joyful Elegy For Fats Waller (due Sept 2014); and a new album by Grammy-nominated Ruthie Foster, also set for release this fall.

A bass player above all else, Meshell brings her warm, fat, and melodic groove to everything she does and has appeared alongside the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Alanis Morrisette, James Blood Ulmer, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Tony Allen, John Medeski, Billy Preston, and Chaka Khan. As for her own bass-playing influences, she credits Sting, Jaco Pastorius, Family Man Barrett, and Stevie Wonder. Meshell was the first woman to be featured on the cover of Bass Player magazine and remains one of few women who write the music, sing the songs, and lead the band.

Midge Ure

Genre: Singer-songwriter

  1. Monday, September 08 7:30 PM (All ages)

James "Midge" Ure is a Scottish musician and singer-songwriter. His stage name, Midge, is a phonetic reversal of Jim, the diminutive form of his real name. Ure enjoyed particular success in the 1970s and 1980s in bands including Slik, Thin Lizzy, Rich Kids, and Visage, and most notably as frontman of Ultravox. In 1984, Ure co-wrote and produced the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?", which has sold 3.7 million copies in the UK. The song is the second highest selling single in UK chart history. Ure co-organised Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8 with Bob Geldof. Ure acts as trustee for the charity, and serves as ambassador for Save the Children. In 1985, Ure had a UK number one solo single with the song "If I Was".

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