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Happy Hour: Ranger and the Re-Arrangers

Genre: Swing , Gypsy Jazz

Seattle Gypsy jazz band Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers” evoke the spirit of a Paris cafe and the raucous energy of a Gypsy campsite with their version of Gypsy jazz.  “At the heart of their sound is Ranger Sciacca's sweet violin playing… his sense of melody and daring improvisations” (World Rhythm).  The band’s repertoire includes swing standards, traditional Gypsy melodies, the music of Django Reinhardt, and Ranger's unique originals.

Happy Hour: Smoke and Honey

Genre: Blues , Jazz , Soul

  1. Friday, June 03 5:00 PM (21+)

Original swanky, jazzy, blues-soul music to sip your martini, get a light, and pop your collar to.

Happy Hour: Swing 3PO

Genre: Swing , Jazz

This Swing Trio features Kevin Connor on guitar and voice, Lamar Lofton on bass and Joseph Moscorella on drums and vocals.

Happy Hour: Swing 3PO

Genre: Swing , Jazz

  1. Friday, June 10 5:00 PM (21+)

This Swing Trio features Kevin Connor on guitar and voice, Lamar Lofton on bass and Joseph Moscorella on drums and vocals.

Happy Hour: The Barrelhouse Jive Cats

Genre: Swing , Jazz

The Barrelhouse Jive Cats started as a Seattle street band playing dixieland jazz in the summer of 2015. It has gone through multiple incarnations since, as putting together a jazz combo is like herding cats, a very apt metaphor for the strong-willed and often eccentric personalities of those who commit their lives to the art of playing jazz. 

Founder and saxophonist James Walls has been performing around the Seattle area since 1998, as well as other cities in the western US. He has played all styles of music with dozens of different groups. But traditional jazz and blues is where his passion lies. With such a deep love of jazz and traditional/dixieland style swing in particular, James was inspired to start The Barrelhouse Jive Cats after observing that swing is a universally loved music. It goes straight to the heart and the soul, making you smile and move their feet! You don't need to know the songs, the melodies are instantly contagious. You don't need to know how to dance either, your feet and body will instinctively move to the beat, you can't help it! It's a happy and timeless music that has endured the ages as other styles have faded into the horizon.  And people will be playing traditional swing centuries from now with as much passion as it was played in the 1920's and today. 

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Billy Spaulding and his Soulful 88's

Genre: Blues

Soulful 88's are a high energy rockin' blues band with a whole lotta' soul!!

Sweet Billy Spaulding - Piano,Organ and Vocals

Snookie Cochran - Guitar and Vocals

Patrick Mosley- 4 and 5 String Bass Guitar

Scott Rongey - Drums and Percussion

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Canals of Venice

Genre: Blues , Folk , Rock

Featuring viola, cello, acoustic guitar, electric bass, rich vocal harmonies and drums, Canals of Venice creates a genre- spanning sound that pays homage to classical, rock, and folk music. Canals of Venice shares love and heartache with haunting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. To mix things up, they add plenty of dark satire that any Charles Bukowski fan would appreciate.  

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Drummerboy featuring special guests

Genre: Blues

HWY 99 Blues Presents Jeff "Drummerboy” Hayes, bringing together some of the top Blues, Roots, Rock players in the area. 

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Little Ray & The Uppercuts

Genre: Rockabilly , Blues

Little Ray & The Uppercuts has been rocking the Seattle area for 20 years, having played with the likes of Candye Kane, Lee Rocker, Slim Jim Phantom, Deke Dickerson, and the Paladins.

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