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Happy Hour: SuperSones

Genre: Salsa

SuperSones play the sublime music known as Son - the acoustic dance music of the Cuban countryside that inspired modern Salsa. Son is a unique blend of Spanish guitars and harmony, Afro-Cuban percussion and swing, call-and-response singing, and trumpet improvisation. From the 1930's in Havana to the present moment, Cuban septets like SuperSones have inspired people around the world to dance and celebrate.

SuperSones represent this rich musical tradition with a wide range of classic and original songs in the many genres within the Son family: bolero, cha cha cha, guaracha, and son montuno among others. The group plays songs written by some of the greatest composers of Cuban popular music including Compay Segundo, Miguel Matamoros, Isaac Oviedo, and Arsenio Rodriguez. SuperSones recreate these songs with their own arrangements and improvisations to bring the Son alive in the Pacific Northwest. The group also regularly features original compositions firmly rooted in the Son tradition.

Since 2001, SuperSones have performed for a wide range of audiences. The group frequently plays private functions such as parties, weddings, and corporate events. Depending on the unique needs of each occasion, SuperSones can play in a range of instrumentations from a trio up to a septet. In Seattle, public performances have included the following venues: The Triple Door, Northwest Folklife Festival, Tractor Tavern, Nectar, Mojitos, Seattle Folklore Society, Seattle City Hall, and Seattle Art Museum. In addition, the group has taught workshops and performed at several Seattle area schools, Whitman College in Walla Walla, and the Seattle World Rhythm Festival. In May of 2006, the SuperSones toured Belgium and Holland for two weeks.

SuperSones are:

Ron Barrow - trumpet

Kevin Connor - Cuban tres guitar and vocals

Justin Maggart - lead vocals, clave and guiro

Alfredo Polier - vocals and maracas

Steve Smith - bongo

Kevin Stevens - upright bass

David Trejo - acoustic guitar and vocals

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Arabona

Genre: Flamenco , Funk , Jazz , World

Flamenco inspired with funk, world music and jazz. Istvan Rez plays an acoustic nylon six-string guitar with Farko Dosumov on five-string electric bass and Ahmad Yousefbeigi playing traditional Persian and Middle Eastern percussion and cajon. Together, they produce a unique flamenco sound that includes many influences, such as funk and world music to jazz.

HWY 99 Blues Presents: CHEBON TIGER

Genre: Blues , Guitarist

Chebon’s skill as a singer, guitarist and harmonica player are unparalleled, and audiences across the nation have been appreciating this artist’s unique stamp on the blues for the past twenty two years. A recipient of much acclaim and many awards, Tiger has shared stages and opened for such revered artists as Ian Moore, Steve Pryor, Watermelon Slim, Gov’t Mule, Joe Bonamassa, and others. While maintaining a grueling performing schedule as a bandleader and contributor to other projects, Tiger is working on material for a duo album with Alex Westcoat of the band Pickwick and his own full band record.

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Jaime Nova

Genre: Blues , Rock

  1. Sunday, September 21 8:00 PM (21+)

Jamie Nova is an artist based out of Seattle, WA.

Former lead singer of Hell's Belles, currently fronting the International band Witchburn, and also touring on her own original solo music, Jamie has devoted her life to her art. Whether it is expressed through her music or through the strokes of her paintbrush her art is filled with passion and expresses the very core of her heart.

Jamie Nova grew up on a ranch outside of Rapid City, South Dakota and began singing when she was 2 years old in the church.  Oddly, she was never exposed to any other musical genres outside of gospel and golden oldies, until she was 20 years old when she heard her first rock song and fell in love.  The young girl with big dreams of being a singer and muscian, finally found her calling.

At 25, she came storming into the rock scene as the lead singer of Hell's Belles, the premier world famous all female AC/DC tribute band.  A dynamic vocalist with incredible stage presence, Jamie has captured the hearts of thousands with her undeniably powerful performance that leaves fans wanting more.  Jamie, together with Mischa Kianne, started the band Witchburn, a passionate, moody southern metal, made even more powerful by the band's fierce energy and musical chops. Their first release, 'This is How We Slay Our Demons' evolved out of creative collaboration between Nova and Kianne who wrote the music and lyrics together, backed by Jacy Peckham on bass and Dana Sims on drums, they are an unstoppable force. They have just finished their second album "Bathed in Blood" and are looking forward to it's release in the Spring of 2013.

Jamie has been song writing revealing her softer side for many years now.  Her first solo album, 'The Softer Side', produced by Jack Endino, Jamie reveals her vulnerable self giving insight to her powerful range of vocal talent. 

She has recently finished putting together her solo band that has finally completed the sound that she has always imagined her music to be. Her band includes the amazingly talented JT Phillips on lead acoustic guitar, the fun loving and brilliant Bassist, Rick Friel, and on the djembe the sweet and steady Christopher Kiger.

They are getting ready to record their 3 song demo to be followed later this year by Jamie's second solo album.

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Mbrascatu

Genre: Americana , Blues , World

  1. Sunday, September 28 8:00 PM (21+)

Mbrascatu is a fusion of the cobbled streets and caf├ęs of the Old World and the creative melting pot of Portland. Pronounced mm-brah-ska-too, the name is actually the nickname of Andrea Algieri’s grandfather, the man who gave him his first guitar.  Altough spending the most part of his life in Italy between his hometown Luzzi (Calabria) and Florence, Algieri currently makes his home in Portland, Oregon. His winding journey to the states gave Andrea the opportunity to travel and perform his music though Europe and Latin America.

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Soulful 88's

Genre: Blues

The Soulful 88's are a dynamic, rockin' blues band with a whole lotta' soul. Sweet Billy has stepped out from behind the drums after 25 plus years of professional playing behind many of the Northwest's top Blues and R&B artists. He is now playing the 88's along with organ and singing with the Soul and Passion that can be felt deep down. He is joined by Kurt " Snookie Cochran on guitar and vocals, who has played with Late Night Trash for more than a decade. His gritty and soulful attack will keep you wanting more!! Holding down the bottom on bass guitar is Patrick Mosley. Patrick and Billy have played with several bands through the years but with Billy playing drums. This man can groove!! Rounding out the band is Scott Rongey layin' it down on the tubs. Scott has had a long career in the Northwest playing with many top acts. He has been to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge as well as being a sought after session player. We bring our heart and soul to every show!!!!

Hypnotikon Two w/ Martin Rev, Bitchin Bajas, Food Pyramid, Midday Veil

Genre: Psychedelic , Rock

  1. Friday, November 14 8:00 PM (All ages)

Martin Rev    

Bitchin Bajas

Food Pyramid

Midday Veil 

In the Musicquarium Lounge:

New Weather


The second annual HYPNOTIKON event returns to the Triple Door Nov. 14 and 15 to expand minds with a unique array of adventurous musical acts. Hypnotikon aims to present a broad range of psychedelic music from many different, interesting angles. Featuring a lineup that mixes homegrown talent with out-of-towners who rarely if ever perform in Seattle, Hypnotikon offers a fascinating survey of the psychedelic-music underground in a lavish setting, augmented by the stunning video art of Christian Petersen (I Want You) and Aubrey Nehring (Portable Shrines).

This year’s bill is special, indeed. Headliner Martin Rev was the sonic catalyst behind innovative synth punks Suicide and the Rain Parade reigned as the most transcendent group of the ’80s Paisley Underground movement in California. Chicago’s Bitchin Bajas have rocketed to the peak of modern minimalism with their Terry Riley-esque mantras and Minnesota’s Food Pyramid fuse krautrock with dub with striking originality.

 Adding to the excitement of this year’s Hypnotikon are Colorado’s Tjutjuna and California’s Residual Echoes, who revel in the more fiery, explosive side of psych rock while Master Musicians of Bukkake forge a mystical strain of heavy psychedelia that reflects their extensive world travels and esoteric studies. Also out there on the wild frontier is Portland solo artist Corum, who explores the same bizarre, otherworldly atmospheres as Jon Hassell and Rapoon.

The Seattle contingent of Midday Veil, New Weather, Newaxeyes, and Kingdom of the Holy Sun represent four distinctive approaches to outward-bound rock and electronic-based psychedelia, all geared to elevate you out of mundane reality.

In addition to all of this excellent music, there will be DJs spinning old and new psych rock and vendors selling records and vintage clothing in the Triple Door's Musicquarium lounge. Hypnotikon is poised to be a loaded banquet for the ears and eyes.

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