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Happy Hour: Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers”

Genre: Gypsy Jazz

  1. Friday, April 03 5:00 PM (21+)
  2. Friday, April 24 5:00 PM (21+)

Seattle Gypsy jazz band Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers” evoke the spirit of a Paris cafe and the raucous energy of a Gypsy campsite with their unique twist on Gypsy jazz.  “At the heart of their sound is Ranger Sciacca's sweet violin playing… his sense of melody and daring improvisations” (World Rhythm Webzine).  The band’s repertoire includes swing standards, traditional Gypsy melodies, the music of Django Reinhardt, and Ranger's unique originals.

Happy Hour: SuperSones

Genre: Salsa

  1. Friday, April 10 5:00 PM (21+)

SuperSones play the sublime music known as Son - the acoustic dance music of the Cuban countryside that inspired modern Salsa. Son is a unique blend of Spanish guitars and harmony, Afro-Cuban percussion and swing, call-and-response singing, and trumpet improvisation. From the 1930's in Havana to the present moment, Cuban septets like SuperSones have inspired people around the world to dance and celebrate.

SuperSones represent this rich musical tradition with a wide range of classic and original songs in the many genres within the Son family: bolero, cha cha cha, guaracha, and son montuno among others. The group plays songs written by some of the greatest composers of Cuban popular music including Compay Segundo, Miguel Matamoros, Isaac Oviedo, and Arsenio Rodriguez. SuperSones recreate these songs with their own arrangements and improvisations to bring the Son alive in the Pacific Northwest. The group also regularly features original compositions firmly rooted in the Son tradition.

Since 2001, SuperSones have performed for a wide range of audiences. The group frequently plays private functions such as parties, weddings, and corporate events. Depending on the unique needs of each occasion, SuperSones can play in a range of instrumentations from a trio up to a septet. In Seattle, public performances have included the following venues: The Triple Door, Northwest Folklife Festival, Tractor Tavern, Nectar, Mojitos, Seattle Folklore Society, Seattle City Hall, and Seattle Art Museum. In addition, the group has taught workshops and performed at several Seattle area schools, Whitman College in Walla Walla, and the Seattle World Rhythm Festival. In May of 2006, the SuperSones toured Belgium and Holland for two weeks.

SuperSones are:

Ron Barrow - trumpet

Kevin Connor - Cuban tres guitar and vocals

Justin Maggart - lead vocals, clave and guiro

Alfredo Polier - vocals and maracas

Steve Smith - bongo

Kevin Stevens - upright bass

David Trejo - acoustic guitar and vocals

Happy Trio

Genre: Everything , Fusion , Jazz

  1. Saturday, April 11 9:00 PM (21+)

Happy Trio features a rotating cast of Seattle's most accomplished and well-known musicians performing grin-inducing funk and jazz. See McTuff's jaw-dropping organist Joe Doria and phenomenal drummer Tarik Abouzied along with Critter's Buggin' saxophone phenom Skerik. 

Helio Sequence special acoustic show

Genre: Alternative Rock

  1. Tuesday, March 31 7:30 PM (All ages)

The Helio Sequence is an American alternative rock duo from Beaverton, Oregon, signed to Sub Pop. The band is Brandon Summers on vocals and guitars and Benjamin Weikel on drums and keyboards.

Home Sweet Home w/ RL Heyer

Genre: Roots Rock

Take honest and diverse song writing, mix in vocal powerhouse Erin Murray, layer in Adam Williams’ tasty guitar riffs, and your soul will be shaking with the rest of ours. The music of Home Sweet Home is the gorgeous blend of ethereal vocal reflections of love and loss set against a musical backdrop of bayou groove meets classic rock and soul. Home Sweet Home consistently packs the house at their shows for a reason. Their music rocks your body awake while meeting you in the darkest parts of your soul. 

Music changes ugly to beautiful, sad to happy, the lonely to loved, and Home Sweet Home lives this alchemy. When Adam Williams was dealt a tragic hand in 2012, he resolved to rebuild his life around what he loved most – playing guitar and writing songs. With songs and hope in tow, Adam set out to find like-hearted and talented musicians to collaborate with. Adam first started working with Erin who, too, was starting a new chapter of her own. Adam knew Erin breathed more than just life into his music, so they exchanged musical dreams and forged ahead. They swept up David and Todd (and later Julia) and with them tidal waves of depth and power, sweetness and subtlety. Each band member in Home Sweet Home is a true talent, but it’s their togetherness that makes the project so much more than sound. As Adam surfed Father Time farther away from the tragic, Home Sweet Home (the music and the people) only brought him closer to the heart of it – do what you love with the people you love.

Home Sweet Home is a 5-piece roots rock band based in Seattle.

House of Thee UnHoly

Genre: Burlesque , Cabaret , Classic Rock , Theater

Sponsored in part by:

Creative director Paula Sjunneson of PaulaNowEvent (formerly The Swedish Housewife) and The Triple Door are delighted to announce the return of House of Thee UnHoly March 11 through 15 on the Triple Door stage.

House of Thee UnHoly -- a non-stop explosion of ‘70s mythology and sexually-charged psychedelia --is an epic 90-minute theatrical spectacle. Featuring Druids, Vikings, desert goddesses, sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll -- and a little bumble bee with a big problem – the show boasts a 21-person ensemble cast comprised ofsome of Seattle’s most celebrated and award-winning musical, vocal and dancing talents. Seattle’s most outré and imaginative choreographers, costumers and stage designersjoin the cast and crew, creating eye-popping visuals on the stunningly-lit stage.

“Sarah Rudinoff and Jen Ayers deliver powerful, mind-blowing vocals. The band alone is worth the price of admission,” reports The Examiner.

"House of Thee UnHoly, clearly has a rabid following, if the whoops and hollers and cheers are any indicator,” says The Seattle Times. “The costumes, extravagantly fanciful.”

“House of Thee UnHoly’s sheer visual and auditory spectacle cannot be overemphasized,” writes Culture Mob, and The Seattle Weekly calls it, "Broadway level Burlesque.”

Please join Lily Verlaine (Land of The Sweets), Waxie Moon, Douglass Ridings, Jody Kuehner, Miss Indigo Blue, The One The Only Inga, Paris Original, Davione Gordon (Spectrum Dance Theater), Genius Award Winner Sarah Rudinoff, Jen Ayers, Kathy Moore, Andy Stoller, Mike Stone, Zach Davidson, Mimi Mi (Spectrum Dance Theater), Tori Tiara, Polly Wood, Heidi Von Haught, Darren Loucas, Ruby Red, Erik Andor, Lisa Marie Styles, Chris Ford, Mark Mitchell, Paul Strong and Craig Montgomery in this loving and radical celebration of the 20th Century’s most excessive decade.

"Broadway level Burlesque” -Seattle Weekly

“The World’s Sexiest Rocklesque Show “ -HuffingtonPost

Hugh Masekela

Genre: Jazz , Trumpet

  1. Tuesday, November 17 7:30 PM (All ages)
  2. Wednesday, November 18 7:30 PM (All ages)

Legendary South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela is an innovator in the world music and jazz scene and continues to tour the world as a performer, composer, producer and activist. This iconic artist is best known for his Grammy-nominated hit single, Grazing in the Grass which sold over 4 million copies in 1968 and made him an international star.  He later played an integral role in Paul Simon’s tour behind the classic album Graceland, which was one of the first pop records to introduce African music to a broader public.


HWY 99 Blues Presents: Billy Spaulding and his Soulful 88's

Genre: Blues , Rock , Soul

The Soulful 88's are a dynamic, rockin' blues band with a whole lotta' soul. Sweet Billy has stepped out from behind the drums after 25 plus years of professional playing behind many of the Northwest's top Blues and R&B artists. He is now playing the 88's along with organ and singing with the Soul and Passion that can be felt deep down. He is joined by Kurt " Snookie Cochran on guitar and vocals, who has played with Late Night Trash for more than a decade. His gritty and soulful attack will keep you wanting more!! Holding down the bottom on bass guitar is Patrick Mosley. Patrick and Billy have played with several bands through the years but with Billy playing drums. This man can groove!! Rounding out the band is Scott Rongey layin' it down on the tubs. Scott has had a long career in the Northwest playing with many top acts. He has been to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge as well as being a sought after session player.

Members: Sweet Billy Spaulding - Piano,Organ and Vocals Snookie Cochran - Guitar and Vocals Patrick Mosley- 4 and 5 String Bass Guitar Scott Rongey - Drums and Percussion

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Brian Lee & the Orbiters

Genre: Blues

 Brian Lee & the Orbiters are among the premier bands on the Northwest U.S. blues circuit.  Brian delivers dynamic and engaging performances with melodic vocals, exceptional song writing, and superb harmonica,  slide guitar, and guitar.

The Orbiters line-up features top-flight musicianship and a cool repertoire of Brian's originals and tunes from the broad blues tradition. The Brian Lee Trio scales this same sound to a Trio format to provide a perfect fit for smaller venues.

Eight 2015 "Best of the Blues" Award Nominations!

The Washington Blues Society has nominated Brian Lee & the Orbiters for 2015 "Best of the Blues" awards in eight categories, including Best Blues Act and Best Traditional Blues Act.

HWY 99 Blues Presents: Buckets Of Rain

Genre: Blues , Folk , Rock

Buckets Of Rain was formed in early 2006, combining influences of folk, rock and blues into one neat little lyrically driven package.   Comprised of brothers Justin and Nabil Kausal-Hayes on guitars and vocals, Andrew Cloutier on drums and Jon Sleight on bass, the band has played to audiences large and small, locally and regionally and continues to believe in the value of a good song as art worth sharing.


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