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Paul Benoit Trio

Genre: Folk , Roots Rock

  1. Wednesday, August 13 8:30 PM (21+)

Paul Benoit, an impressive guitarist, singer and composer, has performed throughout the Pacific Northwest and his hometown of Seattle, Washington, as well as locales around the world. Over the years, Paul has performed and recorded his own music as well as partnering with other songwriters and musicians.

Paul also composed the soundtrack for two films, including IFP Seattle Spotlight Award Winner “Diggers“, a short film that completed a successful run on the international film festival circuit, winning several distinguished awards along the way.

Paul continues to tour the United States, Canada, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Latin America performing solo and collaborating with numerous musicians.

Most of Paul’s CD titles are available on CDBaby. You can also find Paul’s music on iTunes (launch iTunes and then click on this link), LAST.FM, and EMUSIC – one of the biggest, best, and definitely the original seller of downloadable music.

Portland Cello Project, Home Free, Logan Brill

Genre: Everything

  1. Wednesday, September 03 7:30 PM (All ages)

 Since the group's inception in late 2007, the Portland Cello Project (or, PCP, as their fans affectionately call them), has wowed audiences all over the country with extravagant performances, everywhere from Prairie Home Companion, to that punk rock club in the part of town your grandma warns you not to go to after dark. The group has built a reputation mixing genres and blurring musical lines and perceptions wherever they go.

No two shows are alike, with a repertoire now numbering over 800 pieces of music you wouldn't normally hear coming out of a cello. The Cello Project's stage setup ranges from the very simple (4-6 cellos), to the all out epic (which has included 12 cellos playing with full choirs, winds, horns, and numerous percussion players).


When country a cappella band Home Free was crowned Season 4 Champions of NBC's The Sing-Off this past December, their victory was by no means the beginnings of a career for the five country stars from Minnesota… rather it was a satisfying culmination of nearly a decade of hard work and commitment to a vocal craft growing in popularity.

Founded by brothers Chris and Adam Rupp during their college years in the early 2000s, Home Free had been perfecting their live show for years prior to The Sing-Off--performing together for crowds in countless State and County Fairs, on college campuses, in Fortune 500 companies, and in theaters all across the country. It was their experience on the road that carried them to a Sing-Off victory, swelling their fan base and bringing their homegrown country style into a national spotlight.


Logan Brill sings songs like they were stamped on her heart at birth. Listen. You’ll hear. The youthful singer-songwriter delivers heartache (“Rewind”) and hope (“Write It on Your Heart”) as naturally as breathing.

Logan Brill, Walking Wires    Brill sings what she knows. She does it well. Clear evidence: Walking Wires. The Nashville resident’s stunning debut braces earthy (“Tricks of the Trade”) and ethereal narratives (“Fall Off the Face of the Earth”) with storytelling as sharp as a seasoned artist. Equal measures edge (“Seven Year Rain”) and energy (“Month of Bad Habits”) back lyrical elegance throughout. Her sincerity shines. “Logan’s is not just a pretty voice,” says Mando Saenz, Brill’s Carnival Records label mate and occasional co-writing partner. “She has a very honest voice that touches people when they hear it.”

Rafe Pearlman with Dust & Gold and more

Genre: Rock

  1. Wednesday, August 20 7:30 PM (All ages)

Rafe Pearlman’s music springs from his life as a gypsy traveler born to two bohemian artists.  As a boy, he and his family journeyed from a houseboat in Sausalito, to a cabin outside Guerneville, California to the dunes of Cape Cod and eventually across Canada in a big dodge pickup.  The migration ended with floating down the Yukon River into the town of Ruby, Alaska (population 166) on two canoes that had been tied together.  It was here amongst trappers, fisherman and wilderness navigators that he learned to sing with the sled dogs, howl with the wolves and talk with the ravens.  Heartfelt communication through music and art became his navigational compass for life.

Rafe Pearlman is a musician who defies categorization yet stands firmly in his unique creative space and owns it.  Over the years, Rafe has been involved with an eclectic array of interesting musical adventures, including features in film scores, performing on “America’s Got Talent,” writing with renowned composer Tyler Bates, headlining music festivals, as the first male voice on Sony’s God of War video game and a host of recordings and bands.

Red Sun Revue

Genre: Everything , Pop , Rock

  1. Thursday, August 14 9:00 PM (21+)

Brought together by our love of late ‘60s & early ‘70s rock and roll in April of 2013, Red Sun Revue has put together a set of songs that mixes originals with some well-known and lesser known covers by the Rollings Stones, Humble Pie, Free, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and others. We want to bring back the blues-based, soul, r&b, twangy, rock'n'roll of that time while hopefully breathing a bit of our own flavor in as we go.

Aaron Von Hesh - Vocals, Guitar

John Krupa - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Mark Aaron - Bass, Vocals

Matt Beasley - Drums, Vocals

Richard Shindell

Genre: Drummer , Singer-songwriter

  1. Tuesday, November 18 7:30 PM (All ages)

An expatriate New Yorker now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Richard Shindell is a meticulous craftsman of song whose eight studio albums and 2 live recordings have been revered by critics and fans alike. Innovative, original and occasionally spiritual, Shindell's songs weave tales that interchangeably champion the downtrodden, exalt the disaffected or wax empathetic to those lost to society's fringes. From his first record, Sparrow's Point (1992) to the newest album Not Far Now (2009), Shindell has demonstrated a penchant for songwriting at once passionate and profound. His songs are often slowly and painstakingly crafted until honed to perfection. Conversely, he is also capable of writing tunes that are simply clever and amusing.

Shindell's songwriting is truly eclectic, ranging from lighthearted ballads and adulterous love songs, to dirges and diatribes that skillfully skewer politics, prejudice, war and religion. He has a unique ability to morph into the soul of the many and varied personalities he casts as narrators in certain songs--songs that are veritable novellas framed in haunting acoustic melodies, sometimes including cryptic, revelations through the eyes of a woman.

Born in New Jersey, Mr. Shindell grew up in Port Washington, Long Island, where he began to take guitar lessons. He spent the last of his teenage years in Baltimore, then attended Hobart College in upstate New York, where he continued to pursue his musical interests. During an earlier stint at Moravian College, he teamed with John Gorka in the Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band.

Rippin' Chicken

Genre: Funk , Soul , Soul Jazz

Formed from deep within the Westsound Union, Rippin' Chicken plays a greasy brand of funky, bugaloo and soul jazz, executed with creative ease by 3 funky brothers from different mothers who LOVE to play together. After performing and recording together for the better part of a decade in groups such as, The Funk Revolution, The Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra, and The Bucks (all under the direction of the great Lucky Brown), Rippin' Chicken presents this power-house rhythm section as the center of attention, playing the music they wanna, in a style that is all their own. “A soul-food Organ trio gone Rippin”

Delvon Laamar - Keyboards and Synth Bass

Ben Bloom- Guitar

Olli Klomp - Drums

Roy Kay Trio

Genre: Country Rock

  1. Wednesday, August 06 8:30 PM (21+)

Since the trio was formed in 2001, they have released four full length albums, Wanderin' Mind (2002), produced by Deke Dickerson, recorded by Kearney Barton, Knockin' Em Back (2004), produced by Ashley Kingman, recorded by Wally Hersom, Rock-a-way Lonesome Moon (2006), recorded by Axel Praefcke, produced by Axel and the Roy Kay Trio and The Rhythm and Harmony of The Roy Kay Trio (2008), recorded by Roy Kay and produced by The Roy Kay Trio.

The trio has performed in several countries on many European tours with featured appearances at these international festivals: Rockabilly Rave (UK), High Rockabilly (ES), Hemsby (UK), Viva Las Vegas (US), Green Bay's Rockin' 50's Fest (US), Rockabilly Rave (US), Waldorf Weekender (DE), Screamin' Festival (ES), Summer Jamboree (IT), Berlin's Rock 'n roll  Firestorm (DE), Amsterdam's D-Day (NL), Wild, Wild, Wild (US), Red Hot and Blue (CA), Bumbershoot (US), Sasquatch (US) and many Northwest festivals including KEXP's Rockabilly Ball, both of Washington's Folklife Festivals and at Vancouver Canada's BBQ Bop.

Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings

Genre: Blues , Guitarist

“Roy Rogers means the modern master in the art of slide guitar…His versatility with the technique is nothing short of astonishing.”    ~ All Music Guide

Roy Rogers is considered one of the world's premier slide guitarists performing today.  With 8 Grammy nominations as producer and performer, he is also an internationally acclaimed producer, having produced recordings for John Lee Hooker (4 Grammy Nominations and 2 Grammy Awards) and Ramblin' Jack Elliott (2 Grammy Nominations).  He has received numerous accolades for his songwriting (Grammy Nomination for ‘Song for Jessica’, Grammy nomination for Bonnie Raitt for Best Rock Female Vocal on ‘Gnawin’ On It which he co-wrote), as well as his work on movie soundtracks and television.  Split Decision, is his latest studio recording with his band, The Delta Rhythm Kings which was released by Blind Pig in 2009.  In May of 2011, Roy released a collaboration with The Doors Keyboardist, Ray Manzarek entitled ‘Translucent Blues’ also available on Blind Pig which debut #6 on the Billboard charts, and reached #1 on the American Roots Rock Chart this past summer.  Ray and Roy are currently in the studio working on a new project - #3 for this rare collaboration.  This year - with 5 countries on the radar screen and touring the U.S. and Canada - he continues to ignite and inspire audiences across the globe.

Rust On The Rails

Genre: Roots Rock

  1. Sunday, October 05 7:30 PM (All ages)

RUST ON THE RAILS: New project by Cody Beebe, Blake Noble, Eric Miller, Tim Snider, and Scott Mercado.  After moving to Seattle in the Spring of 2012, Australian percussive guitarist Blake Noble quickly started making waves in the Northwest.  Becoming quick friends with local roots rockers, Cody Beebe & The Crooks, Noble enlisted the help of Cody Beebe and Eric Miller to produce his most recent album, “Underdog.”  It became quickly apparent that not only would the three become lifelong friends, but they also held a creative energy together that was undeniable.  After bringing in Tim Snider to record violin on Noble’s album, the orchestral and progressive sounds that unfolded led to Noble and Snider playing a number of Northwest shows together in the summer of 2013.  Enlisting the help of rock drummer Scott Mercado from the famed Candlebox, Rust On the Rails will only be making a few special appearances throughout the year, prior to heading out on an Australian tour in the Fall of 2014.

S. Carey w/ The Pines

Genre: Folk , Indie , Jazz

S. Carey's chosen musical expression is a hugely beatific, restorative panorama of beauty – perfect given how landscape and the wonder of nature inspire much of Carey's imagery. His new album Range of Light – the follow–up to his 2010 debut All We Grow – takes its title from the name that 19th century naturalist John Muir – Carey's hero – gave to California's Sierra Nevada, and follows suit with a dazzling array of musical light and shade, drawn from Carey's love of jazz, modern classical and Americana. Like a weathered mountain range changing shadow form and color, or the ebb and flow of a river's current, his music is simultaneously restful and rhythmic, complex and simple, and always evolving.

"My music has specific connections to nature and place, my surroundings, and my experiences," says Carey. "I travelled the Sierra Nevada area many times as a boy, fishing small mountain streams, hiking to the top of 'half dome', exploring the Redwood groves at Wawona, in awe of the Yosemite Valley. The term, 'Range of Light', to me, denotes the spectrum of light and dark a person can have in their life – peaks and valleys of happiness, sorrow, challenges and growth – for me most recently and more specifically: marriage, having a baby, and maintaining a spiritual connection to nature, place, friends and family as an adult."

While he studied classical percussion and piano at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Carey imbibed rhythmic minimalists such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Immediately after graduating in 2007, he caught wind that Eau Claire resident Justin Vernon was forming a band to take his For Emma, Forever Ago opus on the road. Carey learnt the drum and vocal parts for the album, rehearsed with Vernon, and has been a mainstay of the Bon Iver live band ever since.

While on tour with Bon Iver, Carey developed his own song writing ambitions, and after many less than frequent recording sessions between tours, released All We Grow in 2010. Those nine songs sat between a folk/modern classical hybrid and rarefied jazz climes. Carey's warm melodic nuances, reflected in the lush folds of his singing, added to the mutable percussive syncopations of his instrumentation.

Range of Light incorporates elements of his previous work, but also amplifies Carey's percussive proclivities, and is altogether more developed than its predecessors, with more input on the performance and even composition side from the band of musicians and best friends he assembled originally to bring All We Grow to life in the live setting. "There were times during recording sessions when there were three percussionists, all with different styles and fortes, playing at once, adding different textures."

From the flurry of violins over a circular rhythm in 'Crown The Pines' and the beautiful cries of 'Alpenglow', to the pensive depths of songs like 'Fire–scene' and 'The Dome', Range of Light is a still life of an artist in this particular stage of his life; a stage that has been met with the highest of peaks and the lowest of depths all within the range each of us treads through.

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