Missoni Lanza

Genres: Blues , Jazz , Soul


Missoni Lanza sings of love - lost, unrequited, enchanted and cursed. Her music evokes memories of a bygone era entwined with the present. Heavily influenced by jazz, blues, soul and R&B, Missoni brings a breath of fresh air to her music. Her voice cuts through to the soul. With each performance Missoni brings a raw vulnerability that has captivated her audiences. Currently, Missoni is writing for her first full-length record.

All her life, Missoni has been deeply immersed in music. She started the piano, writing poetry and lyrics in grade school.  At fifteen, Missoni picked up the guitar and started developing her songwriting. When she relocated to Shreveport, LA, she started playing local coffee shops, venues and some of the local festivals. In 2006, Missoni was selected as a featured artist at the 'Chick Singer-Songwriter Showcase' at the Bitter End in New York. 

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